ANTIQUE TIMBERWORKS supplies rustic materials for every budget. Whether it is from a pre-1900 barn or creating the ageless look, we have the perfect product for you.

  • Timber Beams

  • Barnwood Siding

  • Ceiling Decking

  • Dimensional Lumber

  • Log Veneers

  • Mantles

  • Timber Frames/Trusses

  • Custom Milling

RECLAIMED MATERIAL - Our experienced team reclaims pre-1900 structures from Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada. We apply meticulous salvaging techniques as we patiently remove, de-nail and trim the vintage wood before it is shipped to our Fredericksburg, Texas yard.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or rustic application, commercial or residential, our materials are tailored for you. We offer full service construction and installation of all our product materials.