Timber Frames

Custom Timber Frame structures meld antique charm with new technologies. Not only do we deliver you quality frames, but we offer a full range of options for various types of wood, preparations, and treatments, along with the advice you need to determine which will work best for you.

In an effort to provide the widest number of choices to facilitate the building process, Antique Timberworks offers a number of packages and supporting services to help in construction. Do you only need the bare bones of your building and already have preferences for everything else? We can supply that. Do you also need exterior walls, or even exterior walls, doors, and windows? We have packages for each of those as well.

In addition to home services, we also have designs and packages available for barns and other accessory structures such as pergolas, summerhouses, boathouses, pavilions, and more. If we don’t already have it or you want something a little more unique, we can custom design any type of accessory structure and provide the materials to construct it.

Antique Timberworks offers multiple levels of consulting to insure you get the most out of the timberframe packages you have selected from us. Whether it is working with your team of builders or managing the project from start to finish, we have a  package for everyone. Antique Timberworks is built around building you a home that will last for generations. It is the core of what we do—just as our posts and beams are at the core of every structure we build.

Engineered Timber Frame

Antique Timberworks cuts time-proven designs for joints and connections—called “mortise and tenon”—with modern, computer-controlled precision. Mortise and tenon joints are wood-on-wood and are held together with wooden pegs—no nails, no steel involved. We can provide you with both versatility of design as well as a wide variety of choices in the type of wood you would like to use for your home.

Douglas Fir is the primary wood we use for Timberframe homes. The reason is that it tends to be the straightest, strongest, most stable wood in the world. It is also readily accessible and responsibly harvested in forests throughout the northwest and Canada. It tends to have the least amount of “checking” (cracking), the least amount of movement, and is the least likely to twist or warp.

We also understand that Douglas Fir may not always be the first choice regarding the particular look you may want for your home. We can cut any species of wood with our CNC machines, so there are many options for what woods you can use. We have cut American oaks like white oak and cedar, to exotic woods like Brazilian walnut, ash, to spruce, chestnut, pine, or have made beams from timbers reclaimed from older structures that have been abandoned and dismantled.

Reclaimed Timberframes

In the market right now, there is a growing demand for using timbers reclaimed from old buildings such as churches, barns, factories, schoolhouses, and the like to be used in the new construction of timberframe homes. The Timberframe Barn offers a wonderful opportunity to create or enhance the larger structure such as a lodge, restaurant, bed and breakfast or even a barn. The timberframes can be altered, shortened, or lengthened to accommodate your dream plans.